2014 Production

Production Title: Chicago Street Players
Band Director: Nicholas Williams
Instructional Staff: Nicholas Williams – Music and Marching
Kelley Kesterson – Music and Visual
Amber Ronketto – Color Guard
Joel Caskey – Percussion Tech
Erin Cotter – Marching Tech
Concept: Street Players image
Chicago Street Players focuses on the city streets
of Chicago during the 1970’s. The music is from the band
Chicago, with visual design by Nicholas Williams
and Kelley Kesterson.
Competitions and Awards: Drums at Appletime 2014
  • 2nd Place in Class AA
  • Best Drum Major
  • Best Visual
  • Tony Stevens Overall Soloist Award
Edwardsville Competition
  • 2nd Place in Class A
  • Best Music in Class A
EIU Panther Maching Band Competition
  • 2nd Place in Class
  • Best Music
  • Best Visual
Effingham Marching Band Competition
  • Participation and 3rd Place Drum Major in Class AAA
SIU Music in Motion
  • 3rd place in Class C
  • top three bands out of 10 in the class!